As we are all personally affected and trying to navigate our way through the most tumultuous times the world has seen in some time, we the Fast + Furious family want to give you, our most valued customers peace of mind that we are open and are running full throttle to deliver your parcel as quickly as possible, while of course complying with the regulations and guidelines set out by the government. The Essential goods restrictions are still in effect for certain sectors so we urge you to please be patient with us while we endeavour to deliver on our commitments with the same speed and enthusiasm we usually do.
We have certain members of staff working from home and everywhere in between as we play our part in slowing down the curve as well as limited staff on site so reaching us shouldn’t be a problem, but like most things right now we are not immune to a few delays or capacity issues as we make sense of each lockdown level and scale back up to some normality.
We would like to take this moment to thank you, our most valued clients, for your continued support through this difficult period and wish you and your family good health…we appreciate you!
The Fast and Furious family
Reach out to us: or 010 060 8000

#StaySafe #FlattenTheCurve #BeResponsible

Please stay safe and follow all the restrictions outlined by the government. Fast and Furious wishes everyone in South Africa well during the lock down and for this pandemic to be beaten and overcome by our nation as soon as possible.

  1. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer – don’t touch your face, mouth or nose
  2. Social distancing – 2 meters for no longer than 15 minutes
We would like to extend our thanks to all the ESSENTIAL WORKERS and BUSINESS ENTITIES on the FRONT LINE. Ensuring that the majority of us stay safe and stay at home. #INITTOGETHER

The Drive to Win

Ok first things first, we had the name from our humble inception in 1997 so we are the original Fast + Furious. Often imitated but never copied, and as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So the big muscles, fast car guys are not the originals, we are. But that’s not to say some of our employees don’t have big muscles nor can change gear more often and quicker than a machine gun changes bullets.

Big Stick

Fast + Furious, unlike our brash imitators, tend to be more of the walk softly but carry a big stick kind of people. We are one of the largest face to face delivery companies in South Africa, we have 17 branches around the country and we offer solutions to our customers rather than just a generic service offering.

We have several verticals with specialist skills, processes and even IT customization to ensure that we can deliver a customized solution to our clients whom encompass numerous large blue chip customers and the smaller guys who can also benefit from our skills.

Secret Sauce

All transport companies have buildings, trucks and systems. So we have the buildings, the reach, the vehicles, the systems. But we also have our secret sauce which is our people. The human factor is all that can differentiate us in a commoditized market environment where every bakkie is a “logistics company”.

We believe we have the best people, the best culture and that is how we can make a difference to your company. Highly motivated and skilled people with a very strong IT platform which we own and build is a powerful mix that gives us an edge over our imitators. Almost like hitting the NOS button in those movies, we leave them behind in our dust.


The size of your muscles is not important when you audition for our services. We do over 300 000 deliveries a month and they range from a flyer bag weighing 100 grams to 36 tons of printed matter at a time. We do crossborder deliveries and drive as far as Zambia to ensure our clients needs are met.

  • Personalised Solutions

  • E-Commerce & Home Delivery

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Print, Media & Point of Sale

  • Health & Beauty

  • Fashion & Apparel